Medical Benefits

As business people, we tend to spend most of our days working hard to ensure the success and happiness of our customers, employees and business partners and we forget to take care of ourselves. Having access to a medical benefits plan can breakdown the barrier so you can prioritize yourself. (when there’s time!)

In addition to coverage for medical expenses like prescriptions and accidental dental you can also have financial aid for professional services like massage therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and psychologists.

Having access to these resources will help relieve stress and keep you on track to grow your business and serve the community.

We asked one of our members, Feller Financial to do some research into medical benefits providers and they recommended GSC because they have great service, and have been in business for over  60 years. The GSC plans are also quite adaptable to fit LIFT Member’s varied needs. Choose from 8 different plans to find what’s right for you!

LIFT doesn’t financially benefit from this arrangement, it is purely to provide you a great place to start for individual business medical benefits.

We’re not going to show you numbers here because it varies so much, and the online quote process is so easy to use. Give it a try!

About Feller Financial

Feller Financial Group is a life insurance and financial advising firm that has been helping clients all over Vancouver island for more than 20 years. We focus on helping people wherever they are. Whether you are just starting your family, buying your first home or looking at retirement right around the corner, these are all pivotal times of life when having sound financial advice is crucial. And we want to help!

Adam Norman is an advisor with Feller Financial and is a proud LIFT member. He grew up in the Comox Valley and is now growing his own family in this beautiful community. He is the primary contact for LIFT’s medical benefits plan so you can trust him with any question on this as well as your own personal finances and insurance coverage.

About Green Shield Canada

Green Shield Canada (GSC) is a solutions-oriented, national not-for-profit health and dental benefits specialist. We stay in tune with our customers’ needs, and develop effective solutions to provide added value. We realize that individual circumstances may vary.