The support of our partners make a huge difference in our ability to LIFT our members. We greatly appreciate all our partners, with our VIP Partners contributing significantly, and our Champion Partners going an extra mile to support our local grassroots economic development.

VIP Partners

Partner Benefits

– Website Home Page Placement (*new)
– Logo and Link Placement on new Partners page  (*new)
– Promotion across socials (Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)
– Email Newsletter feature article
– Video promotion (pending details) (*new)
– Posts to Facebook groups as appropriate + pinned announcements from time to time
– Facebook group cover image feature from time to time  (*new)
– LinkedIn group/company posts  (*new)

& Name (or logo depending on Partner level) throughout
– printed material
– newsletter
– website footer
– social media cover images

– Mentions at major events as a Partner
– 2 tickets to every large format social event (Pitchfest, Festive Cheer)
– Ad Hoc Advisory: meaning LIFT management will check in with you about events, ask for advice etc but ad hoc / as needed

And including, of course, communication and production time necessary to make the things above happen.

There are some details to be worked out about how often a Partner is featured in various places yearly, as well as scheduling.