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A show that’s a perfect fit!
Welcome to Bespoke Shows, where there is a show for your event - perfectly tailored to fit your theme, message, venue and occasion!

You can expect quality, memorable entertainment, a show designed specifically for your event! There are three primary characters for your over-all theme, and each has an in-depth variety of ways to communicate your events specific message!

The Con Man is the perfect fit for corporate shows - a 'man of mystery' he begins out the intrigue and wonder of the con artist world, while displaying incredible magical moments and side-splitting laughter! Whether you need him to fill a full stage for an hour, or mingle in a cocktail hour or something in between, The Con Man fits easily in to any professional environment!

Greenleaf The Goofball is your environmentally-conscious, motivational children's stage show performer extraordinaire! Noted for his exceptional ability to connect with children, Greenleaf not only wows all ages, but communicates messages of positivity! The show fits any stage - from a school's gymnasium floor, to a festival's main stage!

Tarquin: Sideshow Stuntman is your consummate performer, bringing a decidedly old-skool style of psychotic feats and comedy! Whether you need him to help promote an event or store opening by escaping from a straight jacket while being dangled upside down from a crane, or to bring his show of mayhem to your bar stage, Tarquin will leave an impression unlike any other performer!

All you need to do is email your show tailor today with your event date, and the simple booking and show process can get started! [email protected]


What makes this business special?

I work with local companies to develop new effects, I also create many of my routines so my shows stay unique from other magicians.

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    September 16, 2018 at 9:38 pm

    Loved the mini show he performed at the first Lift event I attended. High level of professionalism and a great demeanor

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