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Moving to the Comox Valley is a dream come true for my wife and I. We instantly felt at home here in the community. While searching for a new job I found myself doing 'odd jobs' and soon enough full-time! Thinking back to all the days spent in dad's field, mom's garden and helping my grandma and aunts with their yards as well, I was reminded of how rewarding it is to take care of a property! Our homes are a place that represent us, and when it looks good, we feel good! You can count on us to help take care of your property, any season.

Happiness guaranteed,

-Spencer Marshall

What makes this business special?

Whether you are wanting to spruce up your home or sell it, Marshall Property Services is your one-stop-shop to getting your Comox Valley Property looking well cared for!

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  • liz
    August 9, 2018 at 12:26 pm

    Spencer puts a lot of love into his work, and genuinely cares for the property and the people that own that property. He really sees the connection between how your home and yard look, and how you feel as a person. So I feel like he isn’t just looking after my home, he is looking after me along with it. A genuinely nice guy with a really ethical business – he is living his values through his work. Highly recommended.

  • Hans Peter Meyer
    April 3, 2019 at 9:45 am

    I’ve hired Spencer and the team at Marshall Property Services for several jobs in the past few months and am extremely happy with the work they’ve done and their service!
    One job was building a ramp for my mother. Not only did they drop over and get the job started ASAP, my mom enjoyed dealing with them, and they built a great ramp!
    The next two jobs were apartment clean outs that need to be done on short notice. Again, I had a great experience with the team.
    Highly recommended! Plus, a great LIFT VIP discount ?.

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