20% of individual or organizational training/workshops


Here are some common reasons Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders seek coaching.

However, if you are curious about how coaching might be of assistance to you and your business, please contact me.

Coaching is a very individualized process and can address a very wide and diverse range of professional and personal development areas.

Strategic Planning
Are you crystal clear on your goals for 2019?  or beyond?
Do you have a plan but would like to reach your results faster?
Is procrastination or lack of motivation undermining your success?
Are you unsure what's "getting in your way?"

Work/Life Balance
Do you love your business, but is the rest of your life is suffering?
Would you like to uncover how you can build better balance in your life?
Are you feeling like something is just "missing"?
Are you unclear about how you can move ahead in more productive and effective ways?

Skills Training
Would you like to incorporate coaching skills into your leadership style?
Would you like to learn more about Emotional and Social Intelligence Skills?  What are they?  How can they help you become a better leader in your life - both professionally and personally?  Which skills do you already possess and which skills could you further develop?  Why they are fast becoming an essential set of skills for business success?


What makes this business special?

I want to help Vancouver Island businesses have access to coaching and leadership training without having to "go across the water"! I bring a background of coaching, neurolinguistic programming, emotional intelligence and resiliency training to my clients - whether that be individually or at an organizational level. I can help businesses build their vision and then develop their staff to support the bigger organizational vision.

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