My name is Marty Douglas. Nearly a lifetime living on Vancouver Island, from kindergarten to university, and more than forty years as a real estate licensee, I can help you with a very important decision - where to live.


I'm a managing broker for ReMax Ocean Pacific with two offices in the Comox Valley, BC.


Why isn’t the Hockey Canada story bigger news? A woman raped by 8 players..some on the junior team and some now in the NHL. Remember when the news cycle was all about the sexual assault of Kyle Beach by a coach?

I’m surprised that there isn’t more coverage of the stark difference between Canada and the US on Covid19. With about 10 times the population US has 32 times the number of deaths. Is this because our governments acted more quickly? Because we have better health care? Big story.

I was at a vegan restaurant today and I saw Joaquin Phoenix there and he gave his girlfriend literally the sweetest kiss and for one fleeting moment I forgot that he killed Maximus.

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