10% discount to LIFT members. If you live in the Comox Valley, you can pick up a Speedibin directly from us in Merville. I can even assemble it for you and show you how we make awesome compost in our Speedibin.


The ultimate backyard compost bin!  Made of metal with a metal bottom screen, rats and vermin can't chew in.  Turn waste into earth!

The goal is to make backyard composting safe and easy.  It is big enough to take all the organic waste from a household and small enough to fit tidily in the garden.  The large lid makes it easy to add scraps and the front door lifts right out to remove finished compost.

Fabricated right here in BC, Speedibins are sold across Canada and the US.  Tons of info on  composting and Speedibins, including our online store, at

What makes this business special?

Since Speedibins are made of metal, rats and mice can't chew in, thus solving the biggest hurdle to backyard composting.

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  • January 28, 2023 4:27 pm local time


Holy jumpin we were interviewed for Authority Magazine!
by @iWeev
#compost #growyourownfood #composter #redwigglers

So stoked! Got big kudos from gardening guru Donna Balzer @NoGuffGardener blog. "The best compost bins". Can't argue with that!

“Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine”

“We live in each other’s shelter”

On this #StPatricksDay

#Ireland 🇮🇪 stands in solidarity with the people of #Ukraine

We are thinking of you today

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