Stephanie Jones Photography offers 20% off for other LIFT member businesses on promotional and business photo shoots.


Inspiring Environmental Awareness and Protection. I specialize in wildlife, landscape and portraiture photography using the outdoors and natural light.

I am constantly creating competitions to win art work and promotional photo shoots, or contacting other businesses to collaborate and promote each other's work.

If you have a memory to be captured, a business to promote, or an event to be shared, I would love to hear from you through phone, email or in person.

What makes this business special?

My business mission is to inspire environmental awareness and protection through my photographs and art work of local landscapes and wildlife. I donate 5% of my proceeds to Greenpeace and attend local markets promoting them through social media to help increase awareness for other local artists and producers. As I am a new business, I aim to eventually donate further proceeds to a number of local environmental and conservation charities and use my art to promote their work.

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