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    Young Agrarians is a BC based farmer-to-farmer resource network, working to support young local farmers with their businesses which are contributing to local food supply.


    Young Agrarians mission is to grow the next generation of farmers and food lovers in Canada. Our network is grassroots across Canada, with coordinated programs running through FarmFolk CityFolk Society in British Columbia, and Organic Alberta in Alberta.




    1) Canada wide, online YA shares opportunities, resources and tools through our blog and Farmer Resource UMAP,


    2) Canada wide, YA facilitates community building through on-going educational events on and off farms, including farm tours & potlucks, 1-2 day mixers and workshops.


    3) In B.C., YA coordinates a business mentorships program matching up farms in start-up with experienced mentors.


    4) In B.C. YA provides land access supports, and is piloting Quebec's Agricultural Land Bank program in the Lower Mainland / Fraser Valley.


    5) In Alberta, YA runs an apprenticeship program to support new entrants get training and education on farms across the Province.





    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    What makes this business special?

    Young Agrarians is unique in its approach of supporting young farmers through land access programs, business mentorship, as well as community networking and resource sharing tools.

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