Lucky Village Enterprises: Innovating in the local food packaging space

Step Carruthers and Robin Konstabaris pitched Just Give’r Crates at the November #WeAreYQQ business development workshop. The response: overwhelming enthusiasm from the 20+ entrepreneurs in the room. Why? Because this Cumberland idea is going to have an impact on artisan food producers throughout the Comox Valley.

How is it innovative?

Self-confessed “foodies,” Robin and Step saw an opportunity in the Comox Valley: bundle some favourite things; make it easy for people to give thoughtful, creative food gifts; put it in a in a Cumberland Crate. Genius!

There’s a December 9 deadline to pre-order for the current gifting season. The long term vision is to leverage B2B (business to business) giving. “We’re giving professionals in real estate, insurance, finance, etc an easy way to give limited edition gifts,” says Robin. Added cachet: giving a Just Give’r Crate shows that you’re supporting Valley’s local food economy.

Lucky Village Enterprises

Robin and Step are recent transplants to the Comox Valley (hence the 604 telephone prefix, see below). Attracted by the cultural flowering in Cumberland, they’ve been visiting the Valley since 2005. In 2015 they settled into their lucky village.

They’ve since discovered that the Comox Valley is more than a cultural mecca: it’s a community of people who are also making shift happen in business.

About the name: Step says “It’s a wink and nod to our new community, its history – and our future!” Robin says the pair are now “seeing unique opportunities for ourselves as creatives and entrepreneurs in the broader Comox Valley.”

The #WeAreYQQ Project has been an important to Robin and Step. “We’re really ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’ kind of people,” Robin says, “and the #WeAreYQQ Project gives us a way to help lift all boats.” If your business or business idea needs a boost – the attention of a dedicated group of entrepreneurs who want to see businesses flourishing in the Comox Valley – start by signing up for the next #WeAreYQQ biz dev workshop. After 1-2 sessions you’ll see why other businesses, including Lucky Village Enterprises, are keen to put themselves “on deck” – it’s like “networking on steroids!”

Where to get Just Give’r Crates?

Go the the website at, or email luckyvillageenterprises <at> gmail <dot> com. You can also telephone Robin at 604-873-5336 or Step at 604-808-7837.

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