Networking on Vancouver Island just got better (and easier). Here’s how.

Networking is one of the best things you can do to grow your business. But, if you’re like me, networking isn’t something that comes easy. Here’s how the Vancouver Island business directory makes that easier. By giving you a place to review businesses in our region you not only support local business, you are doing online networking.

If you do nothing else today to network, leave a review for a business on the Vancouver Island business directory. Do it now. You’ll have an impact that no other networking can give. Here’s why.


It’s no secret: online reviews drive sales.

Here’s the trick: giving online reviews is probably the most effective way of getting noticed and building a positive online presence. We built the Vancouver Island business directory for a couple of reasons. One of them was to make it super easy for you to get noticed. Giving reviews gets you noticed. It’s what Dan Martell means when he talks about “hustling the help” as one of the best ways to grow your business.


Try it, you’ll like it

Let’s take a look at the reviews on the Human Nature Development listing.

Within days of the Human Nature Development listing being up, two LIFT members hustled the help and did some online networking. Both Amie from Motif Music Studios and Corey from Secret Window Images left positive reviews of their experiences with Liz at Human Nature Development.

Think about what that tells you about the people involved. Yes, it tells us that both Amie and Corey were impressed by Liz. It also tells us that they are, to put it simply, “good people.” By giving a review they’ve let us know they care about a LIFT member and her business. They’ve also drawn our attention to their businesses. For her part, Liz has added value to the networking experience by replying to the reviews. In this scenario, every business wins. That’s good networking.

On the LIFT side, we’ll feature reviews in our social media posts about your business. This will draw attention to every business mentioned in the reviews. And, as more people visit the reviews, the network effect grows.

Try it. Visit a business on the directory. Leave a review. Notice what happens. You’ll likeit.


Giving reviews is part of the LIFT your business community ethic

Having a community of support is one of the two most important factors in business success. Use the Vancouver Island business directory. Take 10 minutes right now to give at least one LIFT colleage an honest review. We will promote your review and get you noticed.


ps. The graphic for this post is taken from an excellent AppSumo article. That article that tells you how to get postiive reviews on your ecommerce site. What it doesn’t mention is that supporting your community by giving honest and appreciative reviews. That’s because what we’re doing with LIFT, and with the Vancouver Island business directory, is something innovative. If you’re already a LIFT member, thanks for being part of the solution!


  • Amie
    June 28, 2018 at 8:12 am

    Thanks, LIFT team. Networking like this is so much more fun. So glad to be part of creating a talent-based economy in the Comox Valley and seeing our community thrive!

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