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Sep 08
Talking with Amie Webster about Motif Music Studios – and winning the 2018 #HustleTheHelp Award!

Amie Webster is a music educator, an entrepreneur, a mother of three young sons, and a…

Jul 11
LIFT Podcast: Liz Wootton talks about Human Nature Development – and Liz Wootton

Liz Wootton is an entrepreneur and former Director of Organizational Development. She…

Jun 27
Terry O’Reilly talks about advertising, radio, and more – and Terry O’Reilly.

In this episode HPM talks with Terry O’Reilly. Terry was co-founder and Creative…

Jun 13
LIFT Podcast: Luke Aulin talks about RTOWN – and Luke Aulin

Luke Aulin is the CEO and Founder of RTOWN, an innovative way for small and…

Apr 25
LIFT Podcast: Angie Barnard talks about The Network Hub – & Angie Barnard

Angie Barnard is the Chief Motivating Officer of The Network Hub in Nanaimo, a…

Apr 24
Talking with Chin Hing Chang about Spring – and Chin Hing Chang. A LIFT Podcast.

Chin is Head of Growth with global startup school Spring Activator. He was on the…

Apr 21
LIFT Podcast talking to Amy Robinson about LOCO BC – and Amy Robinson

Amy Robinson is a social entrepreneur – and the founder of LOCO BC, an NGO that…

Apr 17
LIFT Podcast: Adam Speigel talks about BDC – and about Adam Speigel

Adam Speigel works with the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). BDC has been…

Apr 09
Podcast: Talking with Jani Martinius about Panther Workwear – and Jani Martinius!

Jani Martinius owns Panther Workwear (pantherworkwear.ca). She’s one of the…

Apr 05
Podcast: Talking with Chin Hing Chang about sales, Spring Activator, and Chin Hing Chang

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