Community Organization (annual)


Call if you’ve got questions: 250-792-1408


Community Organization Membership gets you $4000+ in marketing and networking features, including:

  • Listing on Vancouver Island and region’s best promotional business directory, including social media promotions, valued at $1200 annually.
  • Access to the LIFT health & benefits packages offered by LIFT members (tailored for solopreneurs and small businesses).
  • Member-to-member discounts and offers value at $2500+. Make sure your listing includes your offer!
  • Membership in the most dynamic, growth-oriented business network on Vancouver Island and region.
  • Four free #WeAreYQQ Parties (PitchFest, WinterpreneurFest, MoneyFest, Summer Social) valued at $200
  • Discount on the BizOnDeck “pitcher fee” valued at $150
  • Access to discounts and promotions from our Digital Partners at RTOWN (10%), Spring Activator (25%), Shopify (15%), Rebel (25%), and more in development.