In his work on startup communities Brad Feld talks about the startup or entrepreneurial “ecosystem.” In this ecosystem Feld identifies two key players: “leaders” and “feeders.” They each play important, but different, roles. When feeders support leaders, good things happen.

In 2015 a handful of Comox Valley businesses launched the #WeAreYQQ Project. A year later and we’re meeting our goals: to inspire and collaborate with other creatives and entrepreneurs to create new businesses, to grow existing businesses BIGger. It’s exciting!

We launched with the support and collaboration of several key member-driven Comox Valley / YQQ “feeders.” Key was the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce. We also engaged the Comox Valley Farmers’ Market, and had working relationships with the Downtown Courtenay BIA and it’s members. Throughout 2015 we always invited other “feeder” organizations to participate in our events.

Now, in 2016, we’re working to more actively engage other “feeders” in and beyond the YQQ entrepreneurial ecosystem. Some are listed below. If your organization isn’t listed, and you provide services or supports to entrepreneurs, be in touch. You’re important to making shift happen here in the Comox Valley!


Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce
Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce
Building business relationships and a positive business environment through leadership, advocacy and member services. Facebook | Twitter

Comox Valley Farmers' Market
Comox Valley Farmers’ Market
A gathering place for local farmers to sell directly to the consumer, which; promotes the economic health of the local farm community, provides quality locally grown farm products, educates the community in agricultural issues, and promotes local agriculture. Facebook | Twitter

North Island College
North Island College
A premier community and destination college, in a spectacular west-coast environment, that inspires and prepares students for success in a rapidly changing world. Facebook | Twitter

elevate arts festival
Elevate the Arts

Breaking down barriers between culture creators and culture producers, to elevate the role of arts and culture in lives community and to encourage us to use culture as a tool to re-imagine the future of our community and the planet. Facebook | Twitter

Comox Valley Arts
Comox Valley Arts Council
Animating the arts in the Comox Valley by: acting as a resource for the arts community; informing the public about the arts; and celebrating the Comox Valley as an arts producing centre. Facebook | Twitter

Community Futures Strathcona
Community Futures Strathcona
Fostering job creation through entrepreneurial activity; helping diversify local rural economies; and helping to build sustainable communities. Facebook | Twitter

Invest Comox Valley
Invest Comox Valley
Encouraging responsible expansion of the economic base of the Comox Valley with the intent of enhancing wealth and employment opportunities. Facebook | Twitter

Downtown Courtenay Business Improvement Association
Downtown Courtenay Business Improvement Association
Ensuring that Downtown Courtenay continues to be vibrant and responsive, meets the needs of its members and the public, and remains on the leading edge of change. Facebook | Twitter

Comox By The Sea
Comox Business Improvement Association
Promoting trade, commerce, and an enhanced business and social environment within the Town of Comox. Facebook | Twitter

Innovation Island
Innovation Island
Supporting entrepreneurs to start and grow technology companies by providing them with programs and resources they need to succeed. Facebook | Twitter

Vancouver Island Economic Alliance
Vancouver Island Economic Alliance
Providing opportunities for communities, First Nations, businesses, and other key stakeholders to collaborate on broad-based economic development programs to improve the region’s overall capacity for economic vitality. Facebook | Twitter

Spring Activator
in YVR
Spring works with high growth potential entrepreneurs to launch, grow, and change the world. They provide the tools, training, and network to values-driven entrepreneurs from idea to $1M in revenue. Facebook | Twitter

futurpreneur Canada
Futurpreneur Canada (formerly CYBF) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to growing our economy one entrepreneur at a time. Facebook | Twitter