Why a PitchFest?

On September 28 LIFT Comox Valley hosts the first #WeAreYQQ PitchFest event – followed by one of our signature parties. Tickets and information at WeAreYQQParty.ca

Let’s talk about why PitchFest is important. 

First, what does it mean for the entrepreneurs who are pitching? What is the purpose of pitching events for entrepreneurs? Why would entrepreneurs want to pitch?

Two main reasons:

  1. To get useful feedback
  2. To find help – new users, team members, partners or investors.

Second, what do pitch events mean for an entrepreneurial community? 

For us at LIFT Comox Valley, we’re hosting PitchFest because we want to showcase the emerging entrepreneur culture in our YQQ region. We believe this is going to be the future of our regional economy. We also believe that by having entrepreneurs publicly pitch their business and project ideas we’ll inspire others to grow the businesses and jobs we need. 

And over the past year we’ve had a number of businesses and projects pitch at our regular #WeAreYQQ BizOnDeck workshops – and we want to help them get a bigger audience!

Who’s pitching what?

How can you help?

Give feedback: Tell the pitchers what you think of their pitches, respond to their asks, give them encouragement – and (importantly!) critical feedback so they can be even better the next time they pitch. Here’s how:

Review the pitchers before the event: We’ve added Twitter links to all the pitchers who are using Twitter on the event website at WeAreYQQParty.ca. Follow them. Ask them questions. Retweet posts you like. Use the #WeAreYQQ tag when Tweeting and we’ll amplify your posts.

The Bottom Line

At LIFT Comox Valley we’re all about Leading, Inspiring, and Fuelling Talent. That means encouraging entrepreneurs and creatives to work collaboratively on a local level so that they can grow to service larger markets. Pitch events help entrepreneurs get feedback and support – and help us help them get exposure. If you like the idea of grassroots business and community economic development, if you like the idea of Comox Valley entrepreneurs growing new businesses and jobs, pitch in and help us tell their story. Starting with PitchFest on September 28!

The event

We’ve still got some “Earliest of early bird tickets” available – until August 31. After that we’ll have 40 “Early bird” tickets available until September 15. If you’re a #WeAreYQQ subscriber we’ve got a limited number of free tickets for you. It’s one of your perks. Get yours today!

Let’s make this shift happen!

Be part of the event

We’re collecting some fun/ cool prizes and giveaways for the party after PitchFest. It’s a great opportunity to get some attention for your business (we give our prize partners a fair bit of social media love leading up to the events). 

Want to have your business featured? Contact us and tell us how you want to help us give Comox Valley entrepreneurs a lift!

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