BizOnDeck – A powerful opportunity to grow your business!

Networking on steroids:

At the heart of the LIFT experience is our BizOnDeck workshop

It’s been called “networking on steroids!” But it’s much more than networking. When you go “on deck” at our BizOnDeck workshops, you put a room full of entrepreneurs to work on your business.

Who needs to go “on deck?” It’s not just for LIFT members.

BizOnDeck is for anyone:

  • launching a new business or service
  • needing to kickstart, pivot, or otherwise bring fresh ideas and insights into an existing business, or
  • otherwise wanting to benefit from a “focus group” of local entrepreneurs.

Ready to Grow Your Business?

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About the Format

0 minutes
“Soft start” for informal networking. Bring business cards, brochures, etc.

+20 minutes
Everyone in their seats for “hard start”

+30 minutes
We will workshop the first business “on deck” for 45 minutes. They give a 3 minute summary of their business, including opportunities, challenges, what they can give to the round table, what they need help with. We respond with 42 minutes of questions, feedback, and help. We also have a template that asks about customer/client acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue (Pirate Metrics, see below).

We will draw on Boris Mann’s workshop using the Pirate Metrics model. For more on AARRR metrics, see

Thank you to our facilitator:
Liz Wooton at Human Nature Development

BizOnDeck has been instrumental in launching our business. Being able to get real feedback on the product and marketing strategies is absolutely invaluable. As a solopreneur, it feels like this group is part of my team so I am not alone on this adventure but have other business leaders around that help and actually care.

Joyce, Speedibin Composter

My first LIFT Event I attended was a BizOnDeck, I became a member right away! I was just in the audience and I still learned some great marketing ideas that I could use for my business. My experience as being a presenter was of HUGE value and I am now implementing new ideas into my business!

Adam at Feller Financial Group Inc.