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LIFT Podcast: Catherine Temple talks about GO Hiking Vancouver Island – and Catherine Temple

Catherine Temple is a serial entrepreneur living in Campbell River. Starting with tourism-based businesses, Catherine has expanded into servicing the North Island’s growing local business sector with the GO Campbell River initiative. Most recently, she’s translating her passion for the Island’s outdoors into the GO Hiking Vancouver Island venture.  Our conversation started with GO Hiking, rambled through Catherine’s tourism businesses, delved into her health challenges, and finished with an inspiring vision for  Vancouver Island. Enjoy! FMI about GO Hiking Vancouver Island join the Facebook group discussion at http://facebook.com/groups/222350585311770/ FMI about GO Campbell River and to contact Catherine see http://gocampbellriver.com GO Hiking Vancouver Island is a LIFT Solution Sponsor. GET FEATURED ON VANCOUVER ISLAND’S LOCAL BUSINESS PODCAST LIFT Podcasts are one of the ways we’re LIFTing entrepreneurs and local businesses on the Island. To get your business or venture featured in a LIFT Podcast see http://bit.ly/FMIaboutLIFTPodcastsFMI about LIFT see http://LIFTStartups.ca More

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Thealzel Lee talks about VANTEC. A LIFT Podcast episode

Thealzel Lee is the Founder & President of E-Fund and VP Operations for the VANTEC Angel Network in Vancouver. Thealzel will be pitching the VANTEC and E-Fund opportunities to Vancouver Island entrepreneurs at an upcoming BizOnDeck Focus Group workshop. I interviewed her about VANTEC as part of LIFT’s work to bring “thinking BIGger” resources to our Island entrepreneur community. For more information on VANTEC see http://vantec.ca. Powered by Eventbrite Sign up for the BizOnDeck Focus Group workshop with Thealzel Lee and VANTEC via our events page: http://bit.ly/LIFTevents ~ hpm,Founder of LIFT Startups and the Vancouver Island Business Directory Top 10, Best Innovation, Small Business BC 2019 Best in BC, Entrepreneur Promotion, Startup Canada Awards 2018 Best Social Media Organization, Readers’ Choice (Comox Valley Record) 2018, 2017, 2016. Find more LIFT Podcast interviews here at http://liftpodcast.ca/. Subscribe to LIFT Podcast via iTunes here: http://bit.ly/iTunesLIFTPodcasts

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LIFT Podcast: Dana Cannam talks about QMOD – and Dana Cannam

Dana Cannam is a technology innovator. He’s moved his company, QMOD, from the Netherlands to Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. Now he’s working to put QMOD sustainable energy kits into the hands of students everywhere – to inspire new solutions to our energy challenges, to help build tech literacy amongst youth, and to help foster a new generation of entrepreneurs. You can find out more about QMOD via their LIFT Vancouver Island Local Business Directory listing. LIFT: An award-winning* promotional network for Vancouver Island entrepreneurs The LIFT Podcast series is one of the ways LIFT is promoting Vancouver Island entrepreneurs. Listen to more stories about Vancouver Island entrepreneurs, and others who are inspiring entrepreneurial success, on our LIFT Podcast series on the LIFT blog, or by subscribing via iTunes. If you’re a LIFT member (Champion or higher) please set up a time for your LIFT Podcast interview. Recent LIFT awards

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We’re excited to be working with Lucky Village Enterprises on WinterpreneurFest4 😊

Every winter LIFT invites Vancouver Island entrepreneurs, local businesses, and creatives to get together for an evening of business and fun. This year we’re working with Lucky Village Enterprises to create something unique and very special for your enjoyment! Free for LIFT members until December 31, 2018. Ready for LIFT VIP benefits? Ready to upgrade your local business to LIFT VIP benefits – like free events and workshops and award-winning promotions at less than $1/day? Apply today and get free tickets to WinterpreneurFest4. FMI about LIFT membership please call HPM at 250-792-1408

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The LIFT Podcast interview with Sharon Marshall of Cree8iv Collaboration

Sharon Marshall is an inspiring force for change in our BC economy! She is founder and CEO of Cree8iv Collaboration – and Virtual eAdmin. In this podcast interview Sharon talks about her passion and her vision for creating employment and economic development opportunities for Canada’s remote indigenous communities. She also tells us about hard lessons, and amazing results. You’ll also hear about her favourite novel and her favourite business book. Find out more about what Sharon does at virtualeadmin.com and (coming soon) Cree8ivCollaboration.com. And, Sharon Marshall is putting Cree8iv Collaboration “on deck” at our February 4, 2019 BizOnDeck Focus Group workshop. Be there and be inspired about making a difference to our rural indigenous economies.< Powered by Eventbrite >   BE FEATURED ON LIFT PODCAST SERIES To be featured in a LIFT Podcast please apply to join our Vancouver Island entrepreneur community at applyandgetlifted.ca. Once you’re a member you’ll be

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LIFT Podcast: Rosemarie Barnes talks about Confident Stages – and Rosemarie Barnes

The cover image on Rosemarie’s Vancouver Island Local Business Directory listing says it all: Speak to engage. Speak to succeed. An international speaker, best-selling author, and “executive presentation trainer,” Rosemarie has a passion for helping people find the voice they need to succeed. And, she’s the guest workshop leader for the Comox Valley Women’s Business Network event on November 15, 2018. Details and tickets here. We’re excited to have Rosemarie in our LIFT community for several reasons. One, she’s offering a 20% discount on “presentation training” to LIFT members. Two, Rosemarie is an example of Vancouver Island talent serving markets far beyond our local communities. In her case, she’s working with clients across North American and in Europe. I talked to Rosemarie on October 26, 2018, She told me about her business, why she started it, and her passion for the work she’s doing. We also talked about her biggest

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