LIFT leaders: Sue Finneron of Finneron Hyundai

I’ve been the general manager here now for about sixteen years. But I
started washing cars when I was eleven years old and I’ve worked through all the departments.
~ Super Sue Finneron, 2017

Sue Finneron is a pioneer in the automotive industry: a female leader in a predominantly male environment. As a graduate of the Canadian Automotive Institute in Barrie Ontario, with a diploma in Automotive Marketing Management, Sue was motivated to be the best in the industry. That determination was rewarded in 2016 when Finneron Hyundai was named top Hyundai dealership in Canada.

LIFT: What do you think makes your business “special” or different from what others are doing in your sector?

Sue: It’s the people in the building. Everybody that works here, cares. It’s not just a job or a paycheque. They care about our customers and each other. It feels like an extension of family. We went through a big change, from GM to Hyundai a few years back. Without a steady team, especially in the back end, that would have been tough. But we had great people who stuck with us through that change, and great customers too. They enabled us to make the change successfully.

LIFT: What are some of the things that Finneron Hyundai does that people may not know about?

Sue: Our service department. In 2017 we won two Comox Valley Record Readers’ Choice Awards, one for Best Automotive Service. We’re very proud of our service team.

LIFT: Tell us about your favourite marketing channels.

Sue: I enjoy live radio, and it’s been very a successful platform for us – that’s where I got the “Super Sue” name, by the way. Right now I’m liking Facebook – because we can see how what we’re doing is working with customers. This changes every month. It’s constantly evolving, and we’re having a lot of fun with it. For anyone who’s just getting started with Facebook marketing, I have to add one thing: you’ve got to be on top of it, responding to all the likes and comments. These are very important. They are how you reach people on an individual basis.

LIFT: Why did you decide to become a LIFT Solution Sponsor?

Sue: I love the selflessness and the vision of LIFT. I share the LIFT values when it comes to growing our Valley’s economy towards prosperity, that we have to start by inspiring and leading entrepreneurs at the grassroots. When I was asked, I thought, what a unique opportunity to be involved! I believe that “giver’s gain,” that the more you give, the more you get. LIFT gives me an opportunity to give to our entrepreneur community.

LIFT: What do you see as some of the benefits that LIFT brings to entrepreneurs?

Sue: Definitely the experience of putting their businesses “on deck” and pitching – that benefits everyone! The experience and education of being “on deck” is priceless. And there are so many people willing to help. If you’re in business, I encourage you to get out there and ask for help! People will make time when someone asks, or they may pass the info along to someone who has the answers.

LIFT: What’s something we may not know about “Super Sue?”

Sue: I’ve been teaching spin classes here in Courtenay at Fitness Excellence since 2000. I do it because it gets me to the gym. Otherwise, it’s too easy to sit at my desk. I find if I have a commitment to other people – in this case, teaching a spin class –  it makes it easier to make things happen, like staying fit!”

Finneron Hyundai

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