This summer, promote local business – and win with LIFT VIPs

Imagine a photo treasure hunt that supports local business and wins cool prizes. That’s what we’re talking about with our #LIFTVIP shared selfie promotion. The simple version: Find LIFT VIPs. Post their pics with the #LIFTVIP tag. Win prizes. Easy. 
Here’s the long version.

Let’s support local

But more than a fun treasure hunt, it’s a way to show support for local and regional businesses.
The absolute best way to support local businesses is to buy their products and services.
But your love of local doesn’t have to stop there. Many of us have a smartphone. We can use this sometimes obnoxious device to help our friends and neighbours get a lift with their business.

Here’s the deal

At LIFT we’re inviting you to help us promote local with a photo treasure hunt. We’ve got 110+ LIFT VIP businesses. These are businesses who are working together to grow a grassroots, entrepreneur focused economy. And, we’re inviting you to help them grow – and for you to win prizes from other LIFT VIP businesses – like Atlas Café, Gladstone Brewing Co., The Waverley Hotel, and Toscano’s Mediterranean Grill.
You can make this happen by following three simple steps to success (yours and the local businesses you choose to support):
  1. The treasure hunt: find a LIFT VIP business. There are 110+ of them, mostly in the Comox Valley, but a few in Campbell River, and now also in Nanaimo (because I believe that our community economies thrive when they’re regionally connected). How to find them? We’ll be launching a map-based directory of LIFT VIPs this summer. In the meantime, ask your friends in business. Are they part of the LIFT movement to grow local business? If they are, proceed immediately to Step 2.
  2. Snap that shared selfie. Make sure your LIFT VIP business owner or their staff is prominently displayed and smiling. That’s right; it’s not just business owners who can win. Your friends who work for LIFT VIP businesses get to represent and be entered to win with your selfie. They way we see it at LIFT, the more we share, the more we win. Now the hard part…
  3. Post the pic to social media and MAKE SURE you include this tag so we can find the winning pic: #LIFTVIP. For extra impact for your new-found LIFT VIP friend’s business add #WeAreYQQ if you’re in the Comox Valley, #WeAreYBL if you’re in Campbell River, and #WeAreYCD if you’re in Nanaimo. 
That’s it. You’re in to win.
We’re doing random draws for $25 gift cards for The Waverley Hotel in May and Gladstone Brewing in June. In July, August, and September we’ll be doing weekly draw for 2x $25 gift cards for Atlas Café, Gladstone Brewing, The Waverley Hotel, and Toscano’s.

Where to find those LIFT VIP businesses?

That’s the challenge. That’s why it’s a treasure hunt. You’re looking for business people who value local, grassroots business and community economic development. For a “starter list” of these LIFT VIPs, get some selfies with LIFT Solution Sponsors and Community Partners. These are the people who’ve helped grow this LIFT initiative:
Sue Finneron, Leif Jason, Adil Amlani, Nazaneen Dizai, Chrissie Bowker, Allison Mandzuk, Lee-Ann Dixon-Phillips, Jabin Postal, Danny Zanbilowicz, Sandra Viney, Paul Hansen, Lisa Hansen, Bob Wells, Ron Pogue, Karen Milstein McKinnon, Daniel Sharratt, Leanne Zdebiak-Eni, Shane Philip. That’s 19. There are about 90 more out there. Plus all their staff. 
An easy way to find a whole lot more is to come to a #WeAreYQQ Party. Many will be wearing #LIFTVIP name tags. All of them are up for selfies that’ll win you prizes. See the link for the next event. Hint: May 31, September 28, and November 24 are already on our party calendar. Be there. Win some stuff. Support local.
Most of all, have fun!
Hans Peter Meyer
Founder of LIFT
@hanspetermeyer on Twitter and Instagram
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