Why “Where is Here” matters to business in the Comox Valley

On July 20-22, 2016 the Comox Valley Art Gallery, with Vancouver Island University, hosts the Where Is Here Symposium in downtown Courtenay. What’s it about? That’s what I asked Sharon Karsten of the Comox Valley Art Gallery (CVAG).

Sponsoring innovative thinking

The #WeAreYQQ LIFT Project is on board as a social media sponsor for the event. Why? Because we’re focused on leading, inspiring, and fueling talent in the Comox Valley.

Why are we interested in a symposium on “cultural mapping?” Because we’re interested in “talent.” Our premise is that our economic future isn’t going to be imported. Like other startup communities that are growing themselves out of economic dead ends, we think the Comox Valley is going to grow a “talent-driven” economic future. That means talent – entrepreneurs in business, the arts, food, etc – who live here, people who are already connected to the values of our community, are going to be the ones who’ll be creating the businesses, careers, and jobs that make the difference.

Every business needs to do things like taking an inventory of supplies, assets, etc before it starts. Cultural mapping is one way to start figuring out what kinds of talent assets we’ve got. It’s a step towards figuring out how we can bring them together to really make shift happen. That’s why we’re in.

What’s the economic future of the Comox Valley?

As I’ve already said, my bet is our economic future is being built by local talent. If you’re interested in how this might be accelerated, you’ll be interested in what Sharon and her crew have put together for July 20-22. Tickets available online here.

By the way, this isn’t new stuff. The Village of Qualicum Beach did a cultural inventory project several years ago. That’s led to a few things. Including an emerging tech sector community, an entrepreneur co-working hub, and a determination to attract more talent to grow their knowledge industry. Where is Here is cut from the same cloth. I’m personally thrilled that Sharon and her crew are doing this. It’s time we took our cultural assets seriously.

Supporting the project on social

You’ll start to see posts with the event tag – #whereishereCV – on social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, and more. Even if you can’t attend the event on July 20-22, you can help raise the profile of our emerging Comox Valley talent-driven economy by commenting on, liking, and reposting. You are part of the solution. Lend a hand – or a like or a retweet – us as we’re making shift happen!

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