BizOnDeck Case Study: Marshall Property Services

Marshall Property Services offers property maintenance and moving services, including junk removal and deliveries – and more. Owner Spencer Marshall describes his market as people “looking for someone to give [their] property the care it deserves… We enjoy serving our community with a happiness guarantee because that’s what it’s all about. Coming home to a tended home feels amazing!” Spencer put his business “on deck” in Winter of 2018. Find out more about these services at (for reviews, see the Facebook page).

LIFT: What inspired you to start Marshall Property Services?
Spencer: [There’s a need for quality home and property services in the community. I have the skills and the tools to provide the service. I also believe that running my own business is also a way to get the freedom and flexibility I need to be with my family when it counts, while my kids are young.

LIFT: What was your “ask” at your BizOnDeck workshop?
Spencer: How to make odd jobs a full-time business.

LIFT: What were the three biggest takeaways (and subsequent actions) from your BizOnDeck?
Spencer: Get a content-filled website going, offer special packages and discounts, and know my value!

LIFT: What actions have you taken to follow up on these takeaways?
Spencer: The website is up and under construction (see We’ve been making and sharing more videos and content. And, in a big step towards business sustainability, the feedback we got on what we’re offering gave us the confidence to raise rates for the spring and summer seasons.

LIFT: Has putting your business “on deck” helped grow your business?
Spencer: Yes. It helped me pop a major comfort bubble that was holding me back. With the encouragement of the participants, I now feel a lot less stress, have better time management, and I am finally out of survival mode!


Last word

Spencer: Right now we are deep into spring cleaning. That means getting moss of the roofs, skylights clean, roofs blown off, gutters cleared, soffit/siding hand washed, and the sidewalks and driveways pressure washed. We are also offering exterior/interior painting. Marshall Property Services is a one-stop shop to get your property looking cared for!

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