Introducing the LIFT Startups podcast series

Thanks to feedback at a recent BizOnDeck we’re now moving forward with something that’s been on the back-burner for a while, a podcast series. We’ll be featuring interviews and conversations with local entrepreneurs, as well as many of the keynotes and contacts who are part of our LIFT extended-community. You’ll soon be able to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes. In the meantime, they’ll be listed at Anchor podcasts.

Here’s the transcript for the podcast…

Introducing the LIFT podcast series – with a pitch for MoneyFest2 on March 29-30, 2018

Hi, my name is Hans Peter Meyer and you’re listening to the LIFT Startups podcast, all about entrepreneurs, creatives, and small businesses growing the next economy on Vancouver Island.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be interviewing the men and women who are building what I call the Island’s “next economy.”

Before I get into that, I’d like to invite you to join me and our LIFT community for our MoneyFest2 events on March 29 and 30. On March 29 we host one of our signature business events, featuring great speakers, DJ em.ash, a room full of smart young entrepreneurs, and for this event, magician Craig McKee. Our keynote is Larissa Norton, West Coast North American Sales Manager for Vancouver startup Larissa has helped grow sales at from $5K a month to $5M in just five years. We’ll also have Sue Finneron, owner of Canada’s number one Hyundai dealership in 2017, Jace Pierson, Jenny Deters, and Dave Semple – local sales stars telling us some of how they succeed in sales.

The next day we’ll have Chin Hing of global startup school Spring Activator working with Larissa to deliver a full-day Making Sales Happen workshop.

We’ve put this MoneyFest2 package together because we want Island entrepreneurs, creatives, and small businesses to succeed. We’ve got great products and services. Now we need to learn how to sell them.

If you’re in business on the Island and want to grow your business BIGger, join us for MoneyFest2 this week.

Thanks to our Business Development Canada and Spring Activator for being our MoneyFest2 Special Event Sponsors.

MoneyFest2 is one of the five regular special events we host at LIFT. Our purpose: to lead, inspire, and fuel the talent that’s building the “next economy.” 

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What is the “next economy?”

I’ve lived most of my life on the Island, growing up in Black Creek in the Comox Valley. When I talk about the “next economy” I’m talking about what I’m witnessing.

Up until about 25 years ago Island communities were primarily resource-based. Most of us were somehow connected to forestry, fishing, and mining. Then we experienced a shift that saw employment drop rapidly in all of these primary sectors. They’re still important economic contributors. But the jobs aren’t there. The money’s not there the way it used to be to fuel our communities. Instead of working on fishboats or in logging camps, more and more of us are working in what I call the “3 Rs” – the retirement, recreation, and retail sectors.

A couple of years ago I noticed another shift. Someone I interviewed in Vancouver described it in terms of the emerging “talent economy.” That fits for me.


What is a “talent economy?”

You’ve probably heard of the “knowledge economy.” It’s that. And more. Because it also includes whole new sectors and approaches to doing business. I’m talking about hyper-locality, micro-production, the “maker movement.” I’m talking about creatives and entrepreneurs learning how to access global markets for sales, employment – and for labour or help to do things that aren’t possible locally.

A couple of years ago I got sick of complaining about how local governments and agencies were completely missing the opportunity of this “talent economy.” Instead of complaining, I wanted to do something. So I started bringing in colleagues from other startup communities, to help inspire Islanders to think BIGger, to connect and help each other grow businesses.

That speaker series turned into something that’s now my full-time passion. That thing is LIFT Startups.

I’ve been working in community economic development on Vancouver Island since the early 1990s. The movement that I’m seeing emerging in communities from Quadra Island to Tofino to Duncan, and certainly in the Comox Valley and Campbell River, is exciting. The people are exciting. Their willingness to help each other is exciting.

The best thing about my work with LIFT Startups is getting to know these entrepreneurs. With our podcast series, I hope to capture their stories, so that you’ll be inspired. I’ll also be talking to the established businesses who are part of the mix, helping to fuel this our efforts to support this talent-driven approach to building the next economy on the Island.

If you’ve got a story to share, be in touch. And, stay tuned to what we’re going to be doing with LIFT and with the LIFT podcast series!


Thanks to our LIFT Solution Sponsors – Sure Copy Courtenay, Mastermynde Strategy, 50th Parallel PR, Finneron Hyundai, Jabin Postal Films, Presley & Partners, and 98.9 The GOAT.

Thanks also to our LIFT Community Partners at Atlas Cafe, Island Word, My Tech Guys, McKinnon Photography, Island Soul Films, Investors’ Group, The Creator Space, and Douglas Magazine.

Together, we’re making shift happen with entrepreneurs on Vancouver Island!

~ hpm