#LIFTVIPs shared selfies: win with Atlas Café, The Waverley Hotel, and Gladstone Brewing!

We love our LIFT Community Partners – and we love the support they give us as we promote entrepreneurs on Vancouver Island. We also love the LIFT VIPs who are the heart of our entrepreneur community. So this month we’re hosting a “shared selfie” contest that’ll win someone – and the LIFT VIP they choose – each a $25 gift card at Atlas Café (April), The Waverley Hotel (May), and Gladstone Brewing (June).

How to win

  1. Find a LIFT VIP (there are almost 100 of them today, with more coming on board every week – maybe you this week? Call meat 250-792-1408. It’s time to grow your business – and be featured in someone’s shared selfie!)
  2. Post a shared selfie with them to Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook.
  3. Be sure to include a note about this particular LIFT VIP, as well as the #LIFTVIP#WeAreYQQ tags
  4. That’s it! You and your LIFT VIP could each win a $25 gift card to Atlas Café, The Waverley Hotel, or Gladstone Brewing. Yum!

We’ll be announcing the April winner in early May.

Today’s list of LIFT VIPs

As of April 15, 2017 the current list of list LIFT VIPs (if you’d like your name on this list we can make that shift happen right now via email or telephone me at 250-792-1408):

Solution Sponsors:
Adil Amlani, Leif Jason, Sue Finneron, Lee-Ann Dixon-Phillips, Jabin Postal, Chrissie Bowker, Nazaneen Dizai
Community Partners:
Daniel Sharratt, Sandra Viney, Don McClellan, Ron Pogue, Karen Milstein McKinnon, Paul Hansen, Bob Wells, Danny Zanbilowicz, Leanne Zdebiak-Eni, and Shane Philip
Champions and Ambassadors:
Carmen & Glen Wakeling, Kayla McDonald, Joyce Francis McMenamon, John Bonner, Curtis Scoville, Max Oudendag, Pieter Vorster, Rahel Mashruky, Mary Veronneau, Chelan Schwindt, Arrow Gonsalves, Amie Webster & Jeff Webster, Sarah Pocock-Hill, Sara Baxandall, Sarah Day, Staysea May & Megan Griffiths, Jen Burt, Amy Englemark, Shelley LaPerriere, Dustin Whiteside, Kevin Wilson, Jani Martinius, Luciano Rollin, Amy Criss, Vivian Vaillant, Brooke Ferguson, Jace Pierson, Dyan Spink, James Flawith, David Frisch, Wendy Nixon Stothert, Tracy Freeman, Cleo Tetrault, Monica J Parkin, Julian Rendell, Allyson Hamilton, Shane Philip, Heather Mackenzie, Kory Wagstaff , Wendy Johnstone , Maureen Olsen , Taryn Goodwin, Steve Morgan, Ewa Nowicka, Ali Roddam , Sonya Marie Jenssen, Ivan Loubier, Rob Kelly, Maggie Mah, Debbie Lynn Bowman, Gaynor Bereza, David Stapley, Carl Sidl, Nancy Farey, Mary Crowley , Aly Bird , Step Carruthers & Robin Kay, Chantal Stefan, Janice Bailey, Jodi Einarson, Nick Ward, Danielle Farrant , Denise Ropp, Greg Chadwick, Re Bastien, Vanessa Raven-Vipond, Marty Douglas, Shelley Nickerson, Megan Penny, Annie L Danko.

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