LIFT Podcast: Liz Wootton talks about Human Nature Development – and Liz Wootton

Liz Wootton is an entrepreneur and former Director of Organizational Development. She owned and ran an award-winning bridal retail business in the UK for many years before moving to the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. Her business, Human Nature Development, helps businesses on Vancouver Island and around the world. Find her on the Vancouver Island business directory here.

Liz has a passion for getting the best out of people, which led her towards a career in business and personal coaching. She has worked in industries as diverse as optoelectronics, theatre, and automotive, and coached business leaders across the globe. She has been described as being “the perfect mix of genuine, encouraging and giving a kick up the behind when need be.” She’s also one of the “sharp pencils” in the LIFT community, and contributes significantly to business growth in our region.

In this episode of LIFT Podcasts I ask her about her business, the scariest things she’s ever done and how she’s made it through, her favourite reading as a child, and her favourite places to eat in the whole world – among other things. Her advice for young entrepreneurs on Vancouver Island is worth listening to.


~ hpm,
Founder of LIFT Startups and the Vancouver Island Business Directory
Winner, Best in BC, Entrepreneur Promotion, Startup Canada Awards, May 2018

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Find Liz Wootton and Human Nature Development on the Vancouver Island business directory here.

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