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May 02
BizOnDeck Case Study: Marshall Property Services

Marshall Property Services offers property maintenance and moving services, including…

Apr 27
LIFT Podcast: James Flawith talks about Lil Worker Safety Gear – and James Flawith

In this podcast James Flawith.tells us about Lil Worker Safety Gear. In second part,…

Apr 09
Podcast: Talking with Jani Martinius about Panther Workwear – and Jani Martinius!

Jani Martinius owns Panther Workwear (pantherworkwear.ca). She’s one of the…

Apr 05
Podcast: Talking with Chin Hing Chang about sales, Spring Activator, and Chin Hing Chang

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Mar 27
Inviting Island entrepreneurs to increase your sales!

As the CEO of LIFT, my priority is to provide premium value to LIFT members. But the…

Jan 06
BizOnDeck Case Study: Blushing Bluebird Essentials and #wearcloth

Entrepreneurship is often born of a desire to fix something that’s broken. That’s the…

Nov 29
BizOnDeck entrepreneur case study: Lil Worker Safety Gear and #vizyourkids

LIFT’s BizOnDeck workshops enable entrepreneurs to help each other to grow new…

Oct 29
BizOnDeck entrepreneur case study: Wags Doggy Bags

Over the course of a year LIFT hosts 16 BizOnDeck workshops. In two years that’s…

Oct 08
Bluebird Pads wins big at PitchFest2!

photo © Amy Criss for LIFT 40 entrepreneurs packed The Prime Chophouse September 28.…

Aug 29
PitchFest events: featuring Vancouver Island’s talent economy. Like Ron Pogue.

Get your PitchFest2 tickets now! On September 28 LIFT hosts its second annual…